The Republican party is getting very desperate, and despite the delusions of grander some folks on the right suffer from, the future is very bleak for them, and continues to get bleaker. As a result, they are ramping up the filthy tricks they use to try and rig the system.

  • Gerrymandering helped them hold on to the house in 2012
  • Surprise gerrymandering on MLK’s birthday
  • Trying to change how votes are allocated from winner-take-all to along the gerrymandered district lines.
  • Pointless voter ID laws
  • Reducing early voting hours and refusal to extend them causing people to wait hours to vote
  • Scary billboards in minority neighborhoods only designed to scare likely democrats from the polls
  • Sloppy voter roll purging under the guise of removing felons
  • Caging attacks, such as Michigan 2008, where “home foreclosure lists” were used to remove and “challenge voters” from the polls
  • Baring certain voter-registration activities
  • Making it very expensive or difficult to register voters
  • Restrictive new voter laws

But I got news for the GOP. Most people are not idiots, and it’s obvious what they are trying to do. They may win a few battles, but it’s going to backfire, just like it did in 2012. And at the end of the day, it will be irrelevant, because the GOP has already lost the fight that matters: the demographic war.

They lost that war because of the modern conservative mentality, the hard-right, no-center pivot, the insane policies against women’s rights, the racist voter suppression laws, the denial of scientific facts, the general ignorance, the lack of compassion for the poor, the completely disconnected world view that is so different from what the vast majority of American’s see. It’s catching up with the GOP, and fast. A few more cycles and we’ll see a Blue Texas. And then what?

There is only one thing that the GOP can do to stop this, and that is to drop the extreme hard-right agenda and move to the center. Keep the fiscal conservatism, a lot of folks agree with that, but lighten up socially. Stop being such crazy conspiracy theorists. Play fair. Negotiate with democrats and be flexible. Dare I say it, compromise on some principals. Stop hating on Obama Care when most citizens like it. Admit that there is value in universal healthcare to the economy. Get with the times.

OK, that brief moment of idealism aside, it’s time to get back to reality. We all know the GOP is never going to let that happen. These guys (and yes, most of them are guys) are far too short sighted, far too stubborn and far too set in their ways. They’re too old — figuratively and literally. They don’t even see that as an option. They see the demographic problem, but their solution is to cheat. That didn’t work out so well for them in 2008 or 2012. But they are going to continue to try and win through manipulating the system, and disenfranchising the popular vote. And like before, that will backfire.

At the end of the day, the Democrats take the House, they will keep the Senate and the Executive branch. And they’ll start taking over red states. Once this starts to happen, its going to stick for a long time… because the GOP has inadvertently created an entire generation of Democrats (by withholding another reasonable alternative).

The irony of it all is that because of the GOP’s actions, and their plan to retain power, it will be the Democrats who end up in control… and it will last  for a generation.